Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi everyone,
i have not been too regular with this so far..i dont know how people find the time!.anyhoo here is the latest.
i just bought the new edition of Victoria Beckham's book 'That extra half an inch'

I enjoyed it. easy to read and I think it it is something i will use as a reference from time to time when putting together outfits.
I am kind of addicted to Fashion magazines (as you can see from the large pile of them underneath the book) and this book is kind of like a long article on style with some nice pics and tips.

ok so here are the things ive gotten over the past few weeks that i use a lot
mac studio sculpt and loreal hip cream eyeliner in eggplant and teal..these are great. if you have light brown eyes like mine the purple is a great alternative to black for an everyday liner
they are just lovely.
also this make up forever blue waterproof eyeliner is such a nice shade of blue its dark blue but bright and vibrant. it looks great on.

mac eyeshadow in Honesty its a light coppery color with a nice shimmer, very nice for everyday use. dont have a pic of that one right now..sorry

i also have been playing around with Nail polish a lot here is something i did while can barely see in the pic but there are french tips
using two of the 3 new shades i picked up recently sally hansen salon nail laquers in( which i love the finish of) in 'made you blush' and 'Pick a nude' also sinful colors 'Mama san' another one i use a lot is sally hansens' pat on the black' which is actually a very dark maroon
i used 'made you blush' for the nail bed and 'pick a nude' for the french tips i added some pink and clear rhinestones in varied sizes on the edges i like nail art but i dont like it too crazy. im interested in trying some alternative shades..i like the mint green that lollipop 26 has recently posted. if anyone knows a great shade of grey i should try please let me know!

anyway i am gathering the courage to post more pictures of my actual face to show how i use these things.
i will post some pics of the way I use two of my favorite mac eyeshadows
amber lights and Honey lust... also sushi flower. these are shades ive been using regularly for the past 3 years and they are great and very wearable. (for me anyway)

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