Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello All,
Im on Youtube.. the first video from BohemiaLuxe!
I did a  review of a natural hair conditioner From a company called Alaffia.
Its called 'Everyday Coconut Conditioner'.
Besides being chock full of luscious natural ingredients, (ginger, coconut water, coconut cream..etc) part of the proceeds go to support women's empowerment projects in Africa. You can't beat that!
you can learn more about the company and their projects and products here and the Everyday Coconut Line is available here
you can pick the products up in person at places like Whole Foods and Wegmans.

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for more reviews and luxurious Bohemia!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hello all,
I am currently in New York. Syracuse to be exact. a big change from the Florida weather and lifestyle!  I am visiting my wonderful Mom and getting some much needed restore and retreat time.
Whenever I am in a colder climate I find that my skin, (which I usually don't even need to moisturize with any regularity due to its general oiliness) can take a little more nourishing treatment. I came across this video by the enchanting Lisa Eldrige.  Its all about how she does a facial massage with cleansing balm to help cleanse and contour the face. Love it!

I have done facial massage before but it always ended up feeling like just one more thing I HAD to do that I would feel guilty about not getting done.  I really appreciated Lisa's attitude about just doing it when you felt like it and not making it a chore. and of course, with that more relaxed approach, I actually end up doing it more often!

which brings me to the point of this post; I did not want to go out and by a Cleansing Balm. some of them are really expensive and after looking into what was in most of them, I decided to whip up my own. Mine is extremely simple and has stuff that I like in it. so you could probably put almost anything you like in yours. the point is that it provides some slip to your skin for facial massage or alternatively you can just use it as a makeup remover/moisturizer.

This is what I used:

1/2 cup Organic Coconut oil

4 tsp Extra virgin Olive oil

2-3 capfuls of Rose water

Thats it!

the amounts above are approximate. It turned out really nice with a delicate rose scent.
to mix it I used my Mitutto (which is an Immersion blender)with the aerate blade. you can use anything that will whip it up or you probably can just mix it by hand.  (this may not give you that creamy texture that I love so much, but it will probably still get the job done)
anyway, I use it all the time and its just really nice.
This is what it looks like..
Im due to make some more soon!

Friday, October 24, 2014

I am so sad that we lost Oscar De La Renta a few days ago..
to me, he was one of the last of the classic designers who dressed a woman with such beautiful and absolute femininity. I remember thinking a few years ago that it would be a sad day when we lost him. here is more information from CNN
Apparently he had been ill and he did appoint Petter Copping as Creative Director before his death.
Click through his recent beautiful resort 2015 collection at
What a Gentleman! He will be missed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My New Music

Hello Beauties,
Long time no see!
I love beauty in all things. I think it is so important to try to surround yourself with it as much as possible, weather it be in your physical surroundings, certainly with good people and of course we all love to make ourselves feel pretty with clothes and makeup etc! One of the ways I try to contribute beauty to the world is through music. This is my first love when it comes to a creative outlet. so,that being said I want to share the musical project I have been working on with all of you.. Finally! The release of our first single. over the last year I have been in the studio writing and arranging this project with my friends Square and Ishai on our latest Project entitled 'Lifting' Our group is called 'SELOU' and the first song from it is called 'I Know Better'. we put the song up on SoundCloud about a month ago and the feedback has been wonderful. We have gotten over 20,000 listens in that short time! Im so grateful to everyone who has taken the time out to stop by and have a listen and even comment. I hope you guys will click over and check it out and I hope you LOVE THE SONG!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautiful Ballet Flats

check out these Beautiful leather Ballet Flats by Kenneth Cole available now over on our Ebay store. they are soo comfy! I only have one pair left for sale so if you love them scoop them up quick!
**update** sorry guys these just sold. you guys are quick!

 check out the full listing here with additional pics and description

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sophisticated Protective Style

Lately I've been wearing my hair in two braids as a protective style and my hair has grown quite a bit over the past year from doing this more often as well as covering it with a satin cap EVERY night. its a cute style but i think it might make me look a bit too cutesy and less sophisticated than I would like to think of myself. (haha) I'm thinking about the style pictured above as an alternative.  she looks very not sure how to do it  but it looks like a fishtail braid on the bottom ( which I will not be doing) and a regular braid on the top. ill try my own version and see how it works for my hair type!


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wandering Beauty In Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

this post is from a while ago..but it really was a very good routine. Ive since used up most of the products and need to repurchase!

 I recently went on a one week trip to new york to visit my brothers in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Everyone there is a hipster and has kooky /alternative /band style. (Too cool for school) very low key makeup and unfussy hair etc. Definitely not a glamazon look in this part of town but still very style concious. But the purpose of this post is to document what beauty products I took with me when it came down to packing and not having a lot of extra space. (I didn't even check luggage, so proud of myself!).
 This has become my basic routine which I have got down to a bit of a science over the past few months
1. Mac studio finish concealer in NW30

2. Studio sculpt foundation 

 3.Mineralize skinfinish natural in medium plus (sometimes I can skip the foundation all together with this)

4. So ceylon as a blush/bronzer/ AND as an eyeshadow all around the eye
5. Liquid eyeliner. Maybelline Line Stilletto. love it.

 6. Mac Please me lipstick which is a Matte bright pink lipstick that somehow looks quite natural on me and brightens up my face. This has me only wanting to wear matte lipsticks. I am loving them and also realising they are a bit uncommon. I'm thinking about trying some of the ones from the new Revlon matte collection.  
(I've since gotten hip to the $2-$3 Wet and Wild ones which are really great.) 
7. Prestige eyeliner In dark green (this stuff smudges but it really works well with my eye color so I deal with it.) 

the only thing I wouldn't repurchase would be the studio sculpt wasn't bad but I felt like I needed more coverage. I feel like you should be able to just slap on foundation on a lazy day and not have to follow with concealer. so in my opinion I had to put on too many layers to cover my dark areas.( I have some melasma on my cheeks and forehead)

and now for some blurry pictures!..
one of my brothers and a friend

a game of some sort at night in the park 
It was fun!
Thanks for stopping by and Love to all
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Shoebox Décor

 this blog looks great  for curating my dream apartment!
Shoebox Décor

Thursday, May 10, 2012

inspirations and desires

 This post is gonna be all over the place, so there.
Love these
 as well as A LOT of their other pieces!
more jewelry

hair and beauty inspiration

outfit inspirations

I want this outfit!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jewelmint Raj Bracelet

This is my latest purchase from Jewelmint. I only have one other piece from them (which I don't like as much but I may do a post on it at some point)  Below is the Raj Bracelet from my April 2012 show room. I love anything exotic and gold so this bracelet was right up my alley. I placed my order on Friday (the 13th! ooh!) and it arrived today ( Tuesday April 17th)
 you have all seen these mint green, black bowed boxes in hundreds of youtube, there it is again.
 ooh pretty! my first impressions: it was not as heavy as I thought it would be but not so light that it felt cheap.

Here is how it looks on. my main complaint  is that the ring itself is quite small, it has an adjustable band but in order to fit my hand I had to pull it out so far that it left a gap between the top of the ring and the band. and my hands are not that big! the model on the site must be part bird or something. its not very noticeable so Ill overlook it cause I just love it. also the main centerpiece, while big enough is quite a bit smaller than it shows on the website
case in point:
again, this could be due to the extreme smallness of this model and her hands?
here it is as a bracelet after removing the ring portion which is quite a nice bonus.

and again, in all its glory.
All in all I pretty much love it. Im thinking it will add an exotic touch to quite a simple outfit  like fitted jeans a white tee, some killer heels and a lot of hair. Probably want to add some khol and winged liner to this combo too.
anyway here is where you can get it. oh yeah and never pay full price for your first jewelmint piece mine was 8.99 with a  70 percent discount. so make sure you do a search for coupon codes before purchasing.