Friday, January 22, 2010

Skin Care Regime

These are the exact products ive been using on my skin..I feel like they are very good.
My skin is basically a little oily and slightly acne prone. I have some discoloration and all that good stuff too! but the good thing is I rarely have problems with my skin getting dry or anything like that.
I use oil (like sesame or olive) to take off my makeup and then I wash it with the ayurvedic banana soap. it leaves my skin very clean but very moisturised. then a few times a week,usually in the morning ill use the ddf scrub which is very strong. then I use the dmae cream. I use the aloe vera spray as a refresher from time to time. I started using the Dmae cream because i read two books by Dr NV Perricone.
1.the clear skin prescription and
2.the wrinkle cure ( might as well start early right?)

they made so much sense! according to these books it really is possible to change the quality and health of your skin by eating certain foods, taking the right supplements and some particular ingredients in your skincare. namely, Dmae, Alpha lipoic Acid and Vitamin C-ester. he breaks it all down and it's nice to hear that you don't have to get plastic surgery or botox or a 300 dollar cream to get actual results.

this is my 2nd month using a cream with these ingredients(Im still working on the food and supplements part! some days good, some a little less) and I feel like its really improved my skin. it still has a ways to go and usually I dont stick to one regime but I'm gonna hang in there. I'm almost out of the skin eternal brand so next I think ill try Dr Perricones line next. probably more important than the cream though is what you eat and and exercise and sleep and living a balanced life. i am very interested in and read a lot about ayurveda so I've been incorporating that into my lifestyle as well and thats helping with everything!

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  1. Ive heard so many things about DDF! I must try it out :)