Tuesday, March 9, 2010

jewelry and stuff

ok so i cant seem to get the text to sit where i want it to by each picture..arrgh! anyway.. i got a couple of layered necklaces the other day..very inexpensive but you cant tell me these are not cute! i dont care how inexpensive something is if you wear it tastefully it works. so thats what i attempt to do!
i chose these because they were delicate enough not to scream out'Fake!' but still could spruce up an outfit.
the first is obviously a version of the popular tiffany keys..and the second one has really delicate chain and a silhouette of a boy and girl kissing the second chain on this one has a heart with a cut out key.

so anyway i liked the way my lip color turned out in the second outfit as well..a good nude lip.
heres what i used:

ive started using a lip liner from Joey new york called super duper lipstick pencil its a slightly lighter shade than prestiges silk
then pinky brown matte lipstick..blotted
topped with mac lipglass in an opaque nude from the tasti collection (ages ago)

here is a set i created on polyvore with what I am using as my basics these days
including some of the aforementioned jewelry

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