Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My new Obsession and Rachel Roy

I am on an animal print kick right now. It crept up on me slowly and suddenly I am finding myself having to be careful not to over do it by wearing too much at once.
it all started with my new blackberry decal skin (see below..left) which looks so wicked on my phone.(i will post a pic later, but right now my phone is my camera)
i thought 'hmm wouldn't that be a classy accent to have a leopard skin phone?'
Yes. but now I am attracted like a magnet to anything remotely resembling something that came of an animals back (not the real thing PETA,just prints). I curb this appetite to keep in good taste. In my humble opinion, its best when you keep it at one or maybe two (matching)animal prints on your person at a time.
my Mom noticed my new interest and came home the other day with a leopard print Kate Spade handbag which, before this new phase I never would have picked out for myself but now, its perfect!
all of this is to say..that I have found a designer who understands that I love this stuff but don't want that tacky old lady from Florida look.and that designer is Rachel Roy. I was so impressed when I tried on some of her pieces from her affordable line for Macys called Rachel Rachel Roy. (you know like Michael Michael Kors?)
they fall on the body nicely and they are young and modern but have more soul and substance than a teeny bopper line.(yeah,I Know..its only clothes but thats how I feel!) she uses animal prints, african and abstract patterns as well as gorgeous vibrant tie dye without it having that gimmicky 'Im on a safari look' here is a link to some examples,default,sc.html
I love it!
and here are a couple of items I picked out. and I even took some pics in the dressing room!

This is the 'Printed Away Dress'
(yes I know I have a big behind, no need for anyone to point that out..k?)
and the 'Mini Suede Skirt'

A bit short for me but I would make an exception for it..looks good in person.
anyhow check out Rachel Rachel Roy..I think its good stuff.
Ciao for Now!

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