Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maybelline ' The Falsies' AKA my new HG mascara

This is my New Favorite Mascara. I think I love it more than Voluminous. for me,that says a lot. I have been a die hard voluminous girl since I was fourteen years old. a lot of mascaras claim to make it look like you are wearing false lashes, this one actually comes close. I wasn't expecting much when I got it, the tube is slightly smaller than most mascaras. but when I pulled out the wand, the brush was bushy and flexible and the consistency was quite liquid-y and after about 2 coats it was turning my lashes into a lovely thick fan like they all claim to but rarely deliver. this gave me serious length,curl and as of today this is my Holy Grail of Mascara. even though I am kind of camera shy I posted a bunch of pics to show you what I mean. and honestly, they don't do it justice.



  1. I need a new mascara and this reminds me of cover girl lash blast..great post =D

  2. yeah you should definitely try it out, I have noticed though that while you're applying it smudges you have to take your time.