Wednesday, November 3, 2010


lately,I have been highly dissatisfied with my foundation and makeup skin is kind of oily and I live in Miami. get the idea. it just seems like my makeup wears off quickly and doesnt keep the finish that it had when i first put it on. i end up feeling just not put together when it comes to makeup. I don't like it! so i was perusing youtube for some life saving advice and the result is im going to go buy Monistat anti- chafing gel to use as a primer. apparently this stuff has the same basic ingredients as Smashbox photo finish,loreal studio secrets..etc etc.
keep in mind thatI have never been a big primer girl. I used to use Philosophy 'The Present' but it all just seemed like too many layers on my face. but from the reviews ive seen of this it mattes the skin out and fills in pores and all that other good stuff. here is a review online that i found that sealed the deal for me to try it

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