Sunday, March 20, 2011

monistat as primer update

so a few months back I purchased Monistat anti chafing gel to use as a dupe for smashbox primer. the ingredients are basically the same and the monitstat costs less than 10 bucks compared to smashbox $40 price tag. conclusion is;

that its pretty great. its not something that I would use everyday all over my face but its especially good all around the eye area to give that clean airbrushed look to your eye makeup. did a comparison with and without the ant chafing gel as a primer and my mac sushi flower eyeshadow didnt really crease either day but the rest of my eye area showed a difference in the creasing under and around the eye with my concealer.

and it also works very well for its intended purpose. i have pretty thick thighs and if i wear a skirt,after a few hours of walking around i actually get welts on my inner thighs. (TMI?) This stuff creates a silky barrier where ever you put it that really protects the skin underneath. which i guess is what makes it work as a primer as well..anyhoo.

you can get it at any pharmacy for not much

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