Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My New Music

Hello Beauties,
Long time no see!
I love beauty in all things. I think it is so important to try to surround yourself with it as much as possible, weather it be in your physical surroundings, certainly with good people and of course we all love to make ourselves feel pretty with clothes and makeup etc! One of the ways I try to contribute beauty to the world is through music. This is my first love when it comes to a creative outlet. so,that being said I want to share the musical project I have been working on with all of you.. Finally! The release of our first single. over the last year I have been in the studio writing and arranging this project with my friends Square and Ishai on our latest Project entitled 'Lifting' Our group is called 'SELOU' and the first song from it is called 'I Know Better'. we put the song up on SoundCloud about a month ago and the feedback has been wonderful. We have gotten over 20,000 listens in that short time! Im so grateful to everyone who has taken the time out to stop by and have a listen and even comment. I hope you guys will click over and check it out and I hope you LOVE THE SONG!

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