Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hello all,
I am currently in New York. Syracuse to be exact. a big change from the Florida weather and lifestyle!  I am visiting my wonderful Mom and getting some much needed restore and retreat time.
Whenever I am in a colder climate I find that my skin, (which I usually don't even need to moisturize with any regularity due to its general oiliness) can take a little more nourishing treatment. I came across this video by the enchanting Lisa Eldrige.  Its all about how she does a facial massage with cleansing balm to help cleanse and contour the face. Love it!

I have done facial massage before but it always ended up feeling like just one more thing I HAD to do that I would feel guilty about not getting done.  I really appreciated Lisa's attitude about just doing it when you felt like it and not making it a chore. and of course, with that more relaxed approach, I actually end up doing it more often!

which brings me to the point of this post; I did not want to go out and by a Cleansing Balm. some of them are really expensive and after looking into what was in most of them, I decided to whip up my own. Mine is extremely simple and has stuff that I like in it. so you could probably put almost anything you like in yours. the point is that it provides some slip to your skin for facial massage or alternatively you can just use it as a makeup remover/moisturizer.

This is what I used:

1/2 cup Organic Coconut oil

4 tsp Extra virgin Olive oil

2-3 capfuls of Rose water

Thats it!

the amounts above are approximate. It turned out really nice with a delicate rose scent.
to mix it I used my Mitutto (which is an Immersion blender)with the aerate blade. you can use anything that will whip it up or you probably can just mix it by hand.  (this may not give you that creamy texture that I love so much, but it will probably still get the job done)
anyway, I use it all the time and its just really nice.
This is what it looks like..
Im due to make some more soon!

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