Friday, January 9, 2009

NYC Chroma Face Glow

I am quite new to this whole online makeup community thing so I dont have a suitable camera to do video or anything yet. (i guess everyone uses mac books or the like?).and Im a little frightened to take my picture yet..I am a little self concious about my pictures (aren't we all?) lets see. last night I went to cvs looking for the nyc chroma face glow thingies.. because Lollipop26 ( love her, so elegant) said they were good and I liked the look of them on her last video so i went searching i was planning to get sunstone cause I thought it would suit my complexion more than moonstone..but the display only had one moonstone left! soI picked it up and looked around a bit more feeling slightly heartbroken.. until... laying hidden in the back of some crumbled bronzers on another rack was..lo and behold the very last sunstone in the store! woohoo! I was way too excited about that. anyway another bonus was that it was buy one get one half off, so...i got them both for like $6.50, Fan.tastic.
anyway here they are

Moonstone is on top and Sunstone is below.

I used them both today, the sunstone like a bronzer/blush and the moonstone as a cheek and nose highlighter. I used my Lancome skunk brush and they were really nice.
they added a nice sheen/glow to my face that was very light and hard to overdo. I actually dont have any mac skinfinishes! ( I know, so out of the loop) I'm curious to see how they are in comparison.I'm gonna try them next. but thanks to lollipop for these, cause its purely on the strength of her mentioning that she liked these that I went and got the last two at CVS.


  1. wow they look so similar to the MAC ones! x

  2. yeah, ive found that ive used them quite a lot since ive had them..they are not as pigmented as the msfs but in a way they are more wearable and foolproof!