Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping at MAC and Mineralise skin Finish vs. Chroma face glow

Yesterday I went to MAC cause I had a show that evening and I really needed to get my foundation situation under control,I have been using some different drugstore brand foundations for awhile like the Black opal stick which has really good coverage but is just so..i dont know ..movable, it comes off everywhere and it really feels like I have a layer on my face. so I need the coverage with a little more secure and natural feel.
I was intending to just get studio finish concealer in nc35 cause i found an old pot with a little bit left in and used it the other day and was reminded how fantastic it was.. there is no substitute for a product that just works! Then I was interested in another brand of foundation, (possibly YSL or Chanel) of course I left Mac with more than just concealer. I ended up getting the mineralized skin finish natural in medium plus, and the lovely Soft and Gentle, (the MUA put it on me in the store and I was sold!) and also.. So Ceylon. as everyone else probably already knows, these things are fantastic.
anyway step by step,
  • studio finish to conceal ( The MUA had me try a slightly warmer tone nw30 which actually worked really well on me)
  • Mineralized natural dry with my lancome skunk as a foundation. I thought it wouldnt give me the coverage I needed unless I wet it cause I tend to like a lot of coverage (at MAC they said you could wet it to get the same coverage as the studio fix powder dry ) but it really was great! It covered and looked really natural. I was surprised I really thought I would need a liquid foundation and then just use the MSF as a powder which is what I intended.
  • So Ceylon as a contour, lightly.
  • soft and Gentle as a Highlight.
this worked really well! my face looked polished and glowy. which the effect I always wanted when i used the Mac Hyper real liquid foundation but found it kind of greasy looking. although I have high cheekbones, my face is kind of round so I felt like it kind of highlighted all the wrong places sometimes. ( maybe I just used too much) but the MSFs just bounce the light of your face in a very lovely way!

oh yeah and in comparison to the NYC Chroma face glows, I just consider this a totally different product. the NYC are a lot less reflective and less pigmented. they are kind of a very low key version of the MSFs they are still nice though. but they dont make me tingle like the Mineralize skinfinishes. ..great, now I'm gonna have to start collecting them.
I did some comparison swatches with the MAC and NYC
and the pictures dont really do the difference justice but the difference really shows when you get them on your face!
on the left Soft and Gentle, on the right So Ceylon
from far right: NYC moonstone, NYC Sunstone,MSF So Ceylon, MSF Soft and Gentle

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