Wednesday, February 18, 2009

London trip and Saks CCO purchases.

Hi all, I'm back from London, here I am lounging in my Hotel room. (which was lovely by the way) I was planning to do some posts while I was there but I barely had time. I picked up a few things at boots while I was there. one of which was Benefits Bad Gal waterproof black eyeliner which I am wearing in this pic. i really like how dark it is and the smudger on the end is really good.

i also wanted to get something that i couldnt get in the states and I found this winter glow from Make Believe Beauty its basically a facial self tanner that has coQ 10 and Retin A in it. so it seems like a good moisturiser when I get pale. also the packaging is quite pretty

back in the states I got this nail art pen in gold. it is really easy to work with and make straight lines.ive used it to do french manicures and my only complaint is that it kind of doesnt last too long. maybe im doing it wrong. i have to experiment with some other designs to see how it does.

as you can see its kind of chipping around the edges after a day or two but im still gonna work with it which brings me to the next purchases.. at the saks fifth ave cosmetic company outlet store i found this mac nail polish in Golded. which im gonna use the gold nail art pen with. its a very sheer color but when you put on a few coats its a really very pretty and kind of luminescent color
i also got two lipglasses Bait from the Lure collection which i think is from 2006. i really like this its a light pink with sparkles. and c-thru which was my very first colored lipglass that I ever got and its really a great nude. this is my 3rd time buying it. I replaced it once with Chai and that was just too grey with my skin tone.
here is bait...
And finally...earrings!
these are from Accessorize at the airport. I Think this store is so great. they had so many cute things. but i exercised self control..
until i got to back to Miami and went to forever 21 where I found these two

here is my makeup for the last show I did in London I used a Goldie eye palette to do a smokey eye
  • first i put smudge which is a muddy purple color on the lid
  • I put kat which is black with pinky glitter in the crease and outer corners of the eye as well as under they eye.
  • i used a silver loose shadow from Face stolkholm on the inner corners and under the eye.

  • then i used Loreal HIP Cream eyeliner for the waterline and on the lid in place of liquid liner.
  • and voluminous mascara( which is the best mascara in the world).
oh and here is my hotel room if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself hope you all had a good weekend too!

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