Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have been a little under the weather lately and busy so i havent really been keeping up with this. (although Im pretty sure no one but me is reading this blog, thats ok I still enjoy it) but I am getting ready to travel to London for some shows and I would like to document it (beauty and fashion wise) here. I will have the musical side featured on my official website.

anyhow..lets beauty developments and purchases

1. Jessica simpson, black and gold laquer earrings. I love how the there is no space between the hook and the earring itself so it really sits right below the ear in a nice way.

2. Fusion Beauty skin fusion bio active brightening minerals in Translucent. its bsically a finishing powder.Im trying this instead of my mineralize skinfinish natural for a change. it has 60 minerals in it including Gold! wow. so its meant to be good for your skin. Ive worn it a couple of times and its very finely milled so it makes my skin look soft and matte. Ive been using it instead of my MSF natural and it gives a very smooth look. i havent tried to use it as a foundation which the box says you can do, and what i used my msf for with studio finish concealer underneath. but with this i use a foundation then concealer before i brush this over.

3. Napolean Set high shine lip gloss in Hawaii. I was so excited to see this at Target..I first got a Napolean Perdis lip gloss years ago, i think 2004 in New Zealand in their little shop off the main downtown strip. it was a light pink called Patina. it is probably my favorite lipgloss. the color and shine are so delicious. at that time they didnt have Napolean in the US. so i wasnt able to replace it. now they have it at Ulta but they have changed the name of it to something with Lolita in it. but I will definitely be picking that up. so ...after all that, that is why i thought I would try this out. I will document how I like it after I wear it a few times

4. loreal colour presso lip gloss in classy. I saw it and thought it was such a cool idea so i bought it immediately. it is quite nice, not too pigmented though i think i need to wear it a few more times and experiment with the color ratios and stuff

5 this is not something i bought but i recently rediscovered (I love it when that happens) a cherry lipsyl that I got last time I was in London for a show and discovered it is very very nice. it gave my lips a very natural transparent yet matte creamy pink look. im definitely gonna get some more of those when I go over.

well thats it for now..happy rest of the day to you all!

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