Friday, March 20, 2009

wal -mart face

this is the makeup i did not with make up from wal-mart as the title suggests but for a last minute, dont really feel like putting on makeup trip to wal-mart. for some reason, i often like how it turns out when i do my face and im not really pressed about how it turns out. (then when i really want to do something special it doesnt work out)
anyway..i used makeup that i wanted to use some old favorites

foundation;black opal cream stick in kalahari sand

powder:physicians formula mineral face powder in light bronze

eyeliner: rimmel soft khol kajal eye pencil in chianti ( this is a great plummy rust brown been using it for years kind of looks like you dont have eyeliner on just naturally pretty eyes)

blush: nyc chroma face powder in sunstone
highlight: nyc chroma face powder in moonstone
I really buffed these in and they gave a really nice smooth sheen.

liquid liner - i cant remember what brand i think its rimmel the name has rubbed off.
mascara: loreal bare naturel

wow, i was all proud of myself for not putting on too much makeup but when i look at this list it seems like a lot!

this picture also shows how i have gone back to my regular hair..i just got tired of trying to keep it straight or curl it with hot rollers..i think i just need to go to a salon for all that. i just put on conditioner now and let it airdry. thats what im sticking to for now!

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