Friday, March 20, 2009

a whole lot of stuff!

well its been a while so this post is kinda long, for me anyway

okay so here is the new stuff ive picked up

1. cover blend by exuviance multi function concealer with spf 15
Ive been looking for a concealer lately to tide me over til i get to mac.
i got this for a couple of reasons
a. it has retinol and other good skin stuff in it and b, it was like 75 percent off at cvs
i got if for 4.75!( its 16.50 on the homeshopping network)
a little goes a long way with this and it is pretty serious concealer. i like it so far.
im going to try incorporating it into my daily makeup routine and see how i like it.

2. Milani runway eyes wet/dry shadow in royalty
and here are the swatches wet and drytop is wet, bottom is dry.
this eyeshadow is quite lovely and I hear they are a great dupe to the vincent longo ones
there is a beautiful bronze shade that ive also been hankering after but i picked up this one because i was inspired by the vibrant purple eyeshadow in the new Gucci Ads. this is not quite as saturated a purple as that, im still on the hunt for that one. if anyone knows exactly what they use in that campaign i would be grateful to find out
this has really nice pigmentation..i think its a great buy. i used it dry to cover the lid then wet in the crease. ill be getting more of these!

iman luxury eye defining powder
bewitching is the bronze and vixen is the light gold
the bronze is coppery and gorgeous the gold is really nice and light
they have a firm sponge applicator . they are easy to line your eyes with as well as use as a shadow. these i got from walgreens in the clearance for 2.25 each
and here is this Milani Lipgloss in sweet lips

its kind of light and quite natural looking on. its a great neutral lipgloss that is almost the same color as my natural lips.. its a little thin and watery for my taste but i can see myself using it for a slightly amped up natural look

next is this skinfusion foundation that i decided to get to use it with the powder that I already have.
i was pleasantly surprised at how much coverage I got. I put on a few coats though. with a little concealer and the skinfusion powder at first it looked a little too matte but i spotted myself in the mirror a little later and it was very smooth and flawless finish
i have to get used to not seeing the instant coverage i am used to though

oh and the last thing is my new nail design i came up with
i used sally hansen made you blush as a base color
the hot pink is essies guilty pleasures
then i used the gold sally hansen nail art pen for the lines.

whaddaya think?

hope all is well for anyone who happens to be reading...have a wonderful day and tell yourself you are beautiful!

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  1. sweet lips is a retti one ..i have that ..nice