Thursday, July 2, 2009

lipstick drawer

here are some lipsticks which were in my collection that i rarely use except for a couple because ive mostly been a lipgloss girl. so ive taken a few pics. ive had a few of these for years, i really need to use them more often!

here is plastique by MAC. coppery pink, a bit frosty for my taste but nice.

MAC Delish nice pinky sheen

MAC Blankety a good pinky blue nude.

this is a classic blue red from Christian Dior

and one of my favorites Lancome in Creme Rose

which one do you think works best for my skintone?

my new obsession in lipsticks though, is matte! im surprised that matte lipstick has taken over my obsession with gloss. i will be posting up pics of my favorites so check back!


  1. i luv blankety so much...but i have so much similar def gonna get it ..i like!!

  2. i know, i always end up buying similar colors. i think i have about 20 light pink lip glosses! but blankety and creme de nude are definitely good ones in the lipstick family from MAC..