Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love Mascara,
I Have been a loyal devotee of loreal voluminous since I was in Highschool. its just so effective. it gives you fuller longer bigger lashes in a few swipes. but everybody who knows anything about mascara pretty much knows that. Voluminous is a superstar. That being said I like to try out some others from time to time and also to get different looks, Mascara can be like eyeshadow, changing it up from time to time to get a different look.
here in my opinion are the other mascaras that are really worth my time:

1.covergirl lash blast
this one gives great definition and good fullness

2. Maybeline last stilletto
a lot of length and curl on this one..flirty lashes i used this one a lot.
it also smells like roses to me, which I like.
the only thing is that the brush is kind of hard and scrapes my lids a tad..which can sometimes mess up my liquid liner if i put it on after. you also have to be careful not to put too much of this one on or it looks spidery/clumpy. but when you have to time to get it right this gives really long nice lashes.

3. Loreal Collagen
i forgot the full title of this one but its great. ive been using it everyday for a few weeks now.
the tube is very sexy and kind of futuristic looking. it gives full dark lashes pretty quickly. I like this one a lot.

here are the ones that I have tried that dont really float my boat too much.

1. loreal lash extend. ( beauty Tubes)
my main problem with this is that its not so buildable, once you put on a couple of coats thats about all you can do. (i think it has to do with the whole tube thing.) it looks pretty good on but I can get the same if not a better fuller look with one step mascara.

2. model co lash extend.
i guess this is for a natural look. which when it comes to mascara is not what im going for. I want Impact!
I like a lot of model co products (fluidsplash 3 in 1 foundation) but this one is nothing exciting. next mascara purchase is rimmel sexycurves which i am buying because of Jannabelle of face of the day. her lashes looked great with it. and i think filthy gorgeous makeup also mentioned it. I will let you know what I think!

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