Tuesday, December 29, 2009

curly hair and green eyeliner

in the past day or two I have been inspired to embrace the curliness of my hair instead of fighting it. ( which is futile really, considering i don't, at the moment, have the lifestyle or budget which would allow me the time, effort or stylist it would take to give me silky straight locks.) whenever i straighten it myself it looks good for about 10 minutes then grows outward at about an inch a minute. so ive decided to let it be curly and try to help it along instead of ignoring it and not feeling good about my hairstyle. so im looking for tutorials, advice etc that i may not know about that would enhance my curl and keep it shiny and frizz free. kind of hard to find. i mean i already know the technique of wash and let airdry. i wanna know how to get big bouncy glossy ringlets that still look natural. i dont want to look like shirley temple!
Posted by Picasa also my daily eye makeup routine these days is a green eyeliner under the eye and black on the top, my eyes are light brown and somehow the green accentuates them. ive been alternating between two different shades of prestige eyeliner the one im wearing in these pics is the soft blend khol in leaf its slightly iridescent and looks quite natural. the other one i use for a more dramatic look is their regular eyeliner called dark green. (please excuse the eyebrows, im in serious need of a threading appointment
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i would like to try the style in the pic below, she looks gorgeous. any suggestions?

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