Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Urban Tribal Sophisticate!

I am going to New York to visit family.
below is most of what ill be taking with. ive figured out a few outfits from my inventory and im calling the collection that ive pulled from my closet 'Urban Tribal Sophisticate'.. ta da!.
I think the name is pretty self explanatory. I like a clean sophisticated look with a touch of the exotic.
its helping me a lot to figure out the outfits with pictures before even trying them on. it kind of gives you a vision of what you want your look to project and then you can tweak it without having to pull things on and off etc etc.. some of the items are actual ones that I have and some are the closest i could find on the web.
ill take pics of the real life results and see how they compare.so here are my ideas so far,let me know what you think if theres anyone out there checking in!

I am taking the train to the city so i figure the dress below will be comfortable for my looong ride the dress i have is similar but its sleeveless. I have been inspired by the latest LV collection to wear knee high socks under boots and heels for winter..thats the one item i dont have, so im gonna have to go and find some of these before i go..

div>on the train
on the train by icandigirl featuring Burberry bags

Below is an ensemble i thought would be nice to wear to the studio..the earrings i have are very similar to the large ones but they have a indigo blue detail instead of black. thats why i added the smaller pair.

I think its a great thing to really look at what we have with fresh eyes and see what new ideas we can come up with!
everyone have a glorious day..love.

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