Monday, March 22, 2010

Make up wish list

ok so im trying to upload this from my phone. its never worked this is the last try before i delete this app from my blackberry. so get it together Shozu!

ok. so i went to sephora and checked out what i would get if money was no object that day(which it was)
nars eyeshadow duo in kuala lumpur.

i love how they are named after exotic places. these two shades are a beautiful wearable set of mulberry infused with gold and a rose gold. i feel like i would use these very often..

ive swatched them too.

next the famous rouge volupte lipsticks..these are my picks

my top pick for my skintone is #13 in Peach Passion which is a vibrant peachy pink coral. it looks nothing like the swatch on the website. really brightens up your whole face. i have never been into bright lipsticks but since i fell in love with MAC Please me, im now discovering how Pretty they really can be as long as you dont over do it. this one falls into that category.

my next choice is a really subtle color its #2 in sensual silk..

i know you all have heard about this one already. its really nice.

and of course there is #7 in lingerie pink.. here are the swatches on the left is peach passion #13, in the middle sensual silk#2 and on the right is lingerie pink#7
im sure there are more that i would like but these stood out on first swatch impression.

im also planning to try the nars Sheer Matte foundation

and the new orgasm illuminator

this stuff looks and sounds awesome..i love the idea of mixing it with a foundation for a nice thinking with the sheer matte so i can have the best of both worlds? does that defeat the purpose of having a matte foundation? anyway, i wanna try it.
oh and i will be deleting Shozu from my phone..worked (0nce)but posted to the wrong blog..too much hassle!
to whoever is reading... have a lovely day!


  1. Rouge Voluptes are my fave lippies :)

  2. yeah they seem to be the ultimate..i dont have any yet but i will soon!