Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty Clothes from Milk Mouth

Okay so the little shop i walk by after hours is called 'Boca Leche' Boca means Mouth and leche means 'Milk Mouth' sounds better in Spanish I think..anyhoo
here is what they had in the window on Sunday night..

a navy bikini which i suspect would actually be flattering note the ruffle edges..good for not creating any muffin top. the bottoms actually look like they have a lot of coverage but somehow still look a little sexy in a classy way.

a long tie dye dress..i know this look has been done to death everywhere..but thats cause a lot of people can wear this style of dress and look good. i think these colors a particularly pretty,reminds me of the blumarine spring 2010 collection that i did a post on. if you put this with the right accessories it could look stunning especially with a tan!

and here is a little Jumper in an Ikat print. Im kind of liking the printed jumper lately. the busy prints can be very flattering and instantly chic. i like this print a lot it looks Balinese/African. ive tried a few on but havent found the perfect fit..if you have a little bigger thighs and butt (like me) you have to be careful with shorts..its easy to look slightly hoochie-ish. I VERY rarely wear shorts and usually not in mixed company but when i find the right version of this little number i may.

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