Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OOTD and a Very Quick glance in the recording studio

Hi all,
so as some may know,Im a singer. when Im not recording my own material I do a lot of studio work. I sing background for other artists..who need a chorus sung or some oohs and aahs. the most well known artist Ive sung a chorus for is probably Young Jeezy but lately ive been working with a lot of Reggae artists. some up and coming and also more established like: Mikey Spice(mwah),Marcia griffiths,and Freddie Mcgregor..and in costa rica ill be working with Pressure.
if your aren't into reggae then all of this is probably very boring to you!
But if you are,then it might interest you that the song I was working on today is about the all the crazy violence that has been going on in Jamaica this year. and its for a new Artist called 'Engee the Don'

its such a tragic situation.

..this video is supershort(2 minutes) and kinda unclear but hey.. I added an ootd and fotd at the beginning so..enjoy!

let me know if anyone would be interested in seeing more (clearer) videos!

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