Thursday, July 21, 2011

Travelling and updates

okay so i have been seriously neglecting my blogs, artist website etc. I have no real excuse except that I have been travelling doing my Day job. (Background singer) and working on my Lifes work..(Foreground Singer) if you're interested in all of that and the people I work with and Places I go you can check that all out or my facebook or (you know the deal) but for this blog. Im keeping it pretty much girly stuff.

Here I am leaving the hotel for the airport. my hair has almost grown all the way back since being un intentionally cut about 3 inches a few months back. I have decided to make a hair change in the next few weeks though. I want to straighten it and im considering what method i should use. any suggestions? the least damaging and something that will last in this Miami Humidity. Ive been eyeing the john Freida 3 day straight...

I am wearing my Man's Hat (cause he didn't want to carry it through the airport) Forever 21 elephant Necklace, black forever 21 singlet, green printed cardigan long enough to cover the light blue Denim Jeggings.

My bag is a gift from My friend who went to Morocco and brought it back for me! love the color

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