Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jewelmint Raj Bracelet

This is my latest purchase from Jewelmint. I only have one other piece from them (which I don't like as much but I may do a post on it at some point)  Below is the Raj Bracelet from my April 2012 show room. I love anything exotic and gold so this bracelet was right up my alley. I placed my order on Friday (the 13th! ooh!) and it arrived today ( Tuesday April 17th)
 you have all seen these mint green, black bowed boxes in hundreds of youtube videos..so, there it is again.
 ooh pretty! my first impressions: it was not as heavy as I thought it would be but not so light that it felt cheap.

Here is how it looks on. my main complaint  is that the ring itself is quite small, it has an adjustable band but in order to fit my hand I had to pull it out so far that it left a gap between the top of the ring and the band. and my hands are not that big! the model on the site must be part bird or something. its not very noticeable so Ill overlook it cause I just love it. also the main centerpiece, while big enough is quite a bit smaller than it shows on the website
case in point:
again, this could be due to the extreme smallness of this model and her hands?
here it is as a bracelet after removing the ring portion which is quite a nice bonus.

and again, in all its glory.
All in all I pretty much love it. Im thinking it will add an exotic touch to quite a simple outfit  like fitted jeans a white tee, some killer heels and a lot of hair. Probably want to add some khol and winged liner to this combo too.
anyway here is where you can get it. oh yeah and never pay full price for your first jewelmint piece mine was 8.99 with a  70 percent discount. so make sure you do a search for coupon codes before purchasing.

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