Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wandering Beauty In Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

this post is from a while ago..but it really was a very good routine. Ive since used up most of the products and need to repurchase!

 I recently went on a one week trip to new york to visit my brothers in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Everyone there is a hipster and has kooky /alternative /band style. (Too cool for school) very low key makeup and unfussy hair etc. Definitely not a glamazon look in this part of town but still very style concious. But the purpose of this post is to document what beauty products I took with me when it came down to packing and not having a lot of extra space. (I didn't even check luggage, so proud of myself!).
 This has become my basic routine which I have got down to a bit of a science over the past few months
1. Mac studio finish concealer in NW30

2. Studio sculpt foundation 

 3.Mineralize skinfinish natural in medium plus (sometimes I can skip the foundation all together with this)

4. So ceylon as a blush/bronzer/ AND as an eyeshadow all around the eye
5. Liquid eyeliner. Maybelline Line Stilletto. love it.

 6. Mac Please me lipstick which is a Matte bright pink lipstick that somehow looks quite natural on me and brightens up my face. This has me only wanting to wear matte lipsticks. I am loving them and also realising they are a bit uncommon. I'm thinking about trying some of the ones from the new Revlon matte collection.  
(I've since gotten hip to the $2-$3 Wet and Wild ones which are really great.) 
7. Prestige eyeliner In dark green (this stuff smudges but it really works well with my eye color so I deal with it.) 

the only thing I wouldn't repurchase would be the studio sculpt wasn't bad but I felt like I needed more coverage. I feel like you should be able to just slap on foundation on a lazy day and not have to follow with concealer. so in my opinion I had to put on too many layers to cover my dark areas.( I have some melasma on my cheeks and forehead)

and now for some blurry pictures!..
one of my brothers and a friend

a game of some sort at night in the park 
It was fun!
Thanks for stopping by and Love to all
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