Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little bits of light

i Have a bunch of posts that I want to put up but I havent gotten the chance to sit down and upload everything but until i actually get it together to do that, here is something that makes me happy; New SHOES! these are some sandals that i picked up a couple of weeks ago at a bargain store..never heard of the brand but they are pretty fabulous. I love the gold discs with the bling I prefer to call them little bits of light on your feet.
you cant see the top but they have an ankle strap too, so they will be cute with a skirt or dress. also in the picture is my handbag du jour which is the only thing i have ever bought from one of those tv shopping networks. its covered in black paillettes like one of those evening dresses from the 80's, which could have been tacky but somehow it looks quite elegant and i can still use it every day.
so heres to fabulous non brand name loot!

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